Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Sneak Peek at MiG Ayesa's New CD

Ok. The cat is out of the bag. MiG Ayesa's much-loved original Blown Away is on MiG Ayesa's much-anticipated CD, and you can count on it blowing you away. You can get a glimpse of the treasure to come by checking out MiG's Blown Away e-card. It features video of MiG in action, recording Blown Away at Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. MiG will unveil a new version of Blown Away on his CD, but the captivating sounds on the e-card are close to perfection.

MiG's Blown Away e-card watch, listen and send the e-card

After seeing the video and hearing Blown Away, you can share the e-card. It's a good bet your friends and family will dig it - listeners at OurStage have already given the song a big thumbs-up. They rated it the 3rd best song of 438 entries in the Soft Rock category. Those of us who melt within the first few measures of Blown Away heartily agree: it's a chart-topper.

MiG is in Vancouver right now getting ready to star as lead male vocalist in the sensational and scintillating Burn the Floor. The show opens April 13 and he'll be bringing the curtain - and the house - down April 18. The shows hits Toronto April 22 to May 1, and West Palm Beach, Florida May 4 to May 9. MiG owns the stage in Burn the Floor with his combination of smooth vocals and impressive dance moves. His performance offers an attractive musical complement to the soul that will be on full display when his second album is released.

MiG's music, MiG's soul - photo by Cammy D.

People who have seen MiG on stage in Burn the Floor or We Will Rock You sing the praises of his professionalism and magnetism in major productions. Others who have seen MiG on Rockstar: INXS or have seen him up close and personal as he sings his own music say it can't get any better. Some people have been fortunate enough to see him shine in both worlds.

Regardless of whether you prefer one type of performance over the other, you'll get the best of MiG on his album. It will be just you and MiG, and this musical appetizer - the Blown Away e-card - will leave you starving for the main course. Dig in!

Keep the light shining and pass it on,

Team MiG Global

Saturday, February 20, 2010

MiG Ayesa Heating It Up Down Under

The wildly popular production of Burn the Floor just began its run at The Palms at Crown in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and crowds are seeing a familiar face in the blistering production. MiG Ayesa, who grew up in Australia and launched his music career in Oz, comes from New York City to star as the male vocalist in the stirring celebration of dance.

Aussies had numerous opportunities to see MiG excel during his early years in live gigs, theater, movies and television. After leaving Australia, MiG Ayesa became a household name in the U.K. after his starring role in We Will Rock You. He then won hearts and minds as a finalist in the CBS-TV show Rockstar: INXS, displaying a stunning ability to master both rock and ballads. MiG cemented his popularity with his debut album, "MiG" (Universal/Decca), and performances in the U.K., Asia Pacific, Australia and the U.S.

And then there was Burn the Floor on Broadway...MiG lit up the stage like a New Year's Eve fireworks display. Even those who have virtually worn out MiG's album, watched Rockstar: INXS, and have seen him at live gigs multiple times, were amazed by MiG in Burn the Floor. He has a way of raising the bar when you think the bar has reached maximum elevation.

When Aussies get reacquainted with MiG on stage, they'll see a new side of him. MiG has grown, even beyond the impressive talent people were accustomed to seeing. He's a true professional, and strives to deliver an outstanding performance, every night, every song. He succeeds.

Part of the growth comes from MiG directly...he has collaborated with proven artists and put in countless hours to enhance his skills. His voice is more consistent and controlled than before, yet packed with feeling. The feeling reveals the other aspect of growth. MiG has always been able to sing with expression because of his warm and caring nature, but now conveys even more feeling. He has found success in his career, yet has also experienced his share of broken promises and disappointments. MiG may not realize it, but some of that emotion and vulnerability comes through in his singing. It makes his performances even richer and more meaningful for audiences, and he connects with them on a whole new level.

MiG revealing more depth in his music

MiG has added polish and feeling to his performances, yet his magnetic personality has remained. He still has the fun sense of humor, the ready wit, and the warmth. Aussies will notice that quickly if they talk with him after a show. In spite of all the worldwide travel and bright lights, he's still grounded.

MiG's still fun, still grounded - photo by Mary Beth

For those lucky enough to get tickets for Burn the Floor, it will be a performance to remember. MiG will also put his talents on display in Hats Off! The History of Showstoppers and on the February 25 episode of So You Think You Can Dance Australia. Australia will recognize the familiar face, hear the familiar voice...yet see a whole new side of MiG that reaches more deeply and dazzles more brightly.

Keep the light shining and pass it on,

Team MiG Global

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sparks Fly in MiG Ayesa's Broadway Debut

MiG Ayesa set the stage ablaze with a breakout Broadway debut in Burn the Floor. MiG seamlessly stepped into the role of star male vocalist in the torrid dance extravaganza beginning in early January at the Longacre Theater. He stoked the fire with impeccable vocals, a striking stage presence, and impressive dance moves.

The Broadway version of Burn the Floor featured some of the world's top dancers, the engaging Mary Murphy, the strong voice of Rebecca Tapia, and first-rate musicians. MiG blended with the outstanding cast, yet his charisma and exceptional talent stood out. As MiG proved in Rockstar: INXS and We Will Rock You, his versatility is dazzling. He excelled with a variety of musical styles. Burn the Floor amazed, with styles from the Samba to the Swing, from the Waltz to the Cha Cha.

The site of MiG's first Broadway show - The Longacre Theater

MiG sparkled in all numbers, yet some held particular appeal. He ignited the full house with The Dirty Boogie, showcasing a contemporary style and flair, and athletic dance moves. The stage came alive as standout vocals and dance flowed together into one steamy sea of talent.

The infectious and upbeat Magdalena was a big hit, as MiG mastered the song and revved up the crowd with an intense yet smooth delivery. He filled the stage with a remarkable presence and passion.

MiG between performances of Burn the Floor

Time stood still as MiG sang a captivating Burn for You, layered with yearning, angst and irresistible tenderness. There aren't many singers who can hold their own when volume and heavy instrumentals are stripped away, but MiG shines. He revealed even more depth of talent and emotion as he sang under the spotlight.

When energy and passion meet polish and precision, it's nothing short of perfection. MiG's dynamic performance in Burn the Floor created a buzz. It forged a promising path that many fans hope will include an enticing combination of both stage and live gigs.

MiG will join Burn the Floor as it goes on the road to Australia, beginning its run at The Palms at Crown, Melbourne, Victoria on February 20 and lasting through March 7. I saw the show on Broadway twice, and it wasn't enough. MiG is sensational in Burn the Floor, and the dancing and choreography are some of the best you'll ever see. Aussies - get your tickets while they last, and look forward to a superb musical experience.

To read more about the show and join the conversation about MiG, visit the online community at Team MiG.

Keep the light shining and pass it on,

Team MiG Global

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

MiG Ayesa Gives So Others Can Receive

It's Thanksgiving this week in the United States, and MiG Ayesa serves as a reminder that it means more to give than to receive. MiG has given of his time, his creativity and his heart to help typhoon victims in the Philippines. MiG opened our eyes to the destruction and suffering through his video, blog and Web site, and spurred thousands to action through his inspiring song, United As One. As a result, Filipinos affected by Typhoon Ondoy and Typhoon Pepeng have received additional support from around the world.

Two million people were impacted by the typhoons, including tens of thousands who lost their homes. The damage however, isn't only financial. According to the Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC), the psychological effects of the storm present a great concern. Thousands may be at risk of post-traumatic stress disorder from all they've had to endure. The danger is not limited to typhoon victims - rescuers and PNRC staff members have been affected by seeing the suffering firsthand. They've experienced stress from having to cope with a natural disaster of such magnitude. As of late October, more than 4,000 people had received psychosocial support from PNRC Social Services.

The outcry for help has not has grown louder. MiG said he doesn't want typhoon victims to be forgotten, and by uniting our efforts, they won't be. Every time I hear MiG's song United As One, it's just as poignant and motivating as the first time I heard it. It has the power to heal and inspire others to give of themselves. Consider joining the effort. Visit mig-music to see how you can help.

As the struggles in the Philippines continue, I'm reminded of the importance of the "Thanks" in Thanksgiving. I thank God for family, friends and freedom. I'm also thankful for a place to live, safety, health, food, a job, and countless other blessings. There are so many people in the Philippines, U.S. and other countries that don't have some of those things.

Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or whether you don't, take a few moments to reflect on all you have. Be thankful for not only the people you love, but the people who love you. Think not of what you haven't yet achieved, but what you have.

This Thanksgiving I'm also thankful that I know a special person named MiG Ayesa, whose tender and giving heart has brought an abundance of help to people who so desperately need it.

Keep the light shining and pass it on,

Team MiG Global

Monday, October 19, 2009

MiG Ayesa Shining a Light on Ondoy Relief

MiG Ayesa has given of his talent to support wonderful causes, and today there's a cause he's asking others to support - relief efforts for the victims of Typhoon Ondoy in the Philippines. MiG was born in the Philippines, and although he moved to Australia when he was two, he returned many holidays to visit his family. MiG's love for the people of the Philippines makes this cause near and dear to his heart.

MiG performs at Philippine American Friendship Day in New Jersey in June - photo by Wanda

Filipinos have endured the onslaught of two storms - Typhoon Ondoy on September 26, and Typhoon Parma on October 3. Storm-ravaged areas brace for another challenge, as Typhoon Lupit approaches and is expected to reach landfall in a few days with 109-mile per hour winds. Consider these facts:

More than 2 million people affected by flooding. 80 percent of Manila flooded. 189,000 still in evacuation centers. More rainwater than Hurricane Katrina. A second hit by Typhoon Parma that destroyed 55,000 homes. A death toll from the two storms that nears 1,000.

The destruction is massive, the situation desperate, but hope lives. It lives in the relief workers who carry on in spite of weariness and lack of supplies. It lives in the parents who stay strong in the face of almost insurmountable odds, to keep the light flickering in their children's eyes. It lives in neighbors, who share what little they have with others.

It lives in you.

It lives in you with every prayer, every dollar and every moment you take to spread the word. MiG has given us a way to make a difference through his labor of love - a song he composed called United As One. He wrote the song to honor relief workers and inspire hope among those impacted by the storm. MiG didn't record it at a topnotch recording studio...he recorded it in his home. He did it all himself, singing and playing all the instruments (Tagalog translation by Freddie Santos). United As One is gorgeous, and even more beauty lies in its sincerity and simplicity, and in its potential.

MiG created a video of United As One that reveals scenes of the destruction (with assistance from Shax Siasoco). He also provided an e-card to share.

MiG's E-card for United As One
MiG e-card for United as One

To listen to the song, see the video, get the e-card or read about how you can help, check out this page on

When we unite as one, hope will live on.

Keep the light shining and pass it on,

Team MiG Global

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Magical MiG Memories Countdown - #2 and #1

Today's the day - revealing the top 2 in the countdown of the Top 10 Magical MiG Memories, in honor of Team MiG's four years of supporting MiG Ayesa. To see a photo album of the Magical MiG Memories, visit Team MiG on Facebook. The countdown so far looks like this:

#10 - Rockstar: INXS
#9 - Cleveland Gigs
#8 - Team MiG Photo Shoot in LA
#7 - QUEEN Rock & Symphonic Spectacular
#6 - We Will Rock You Tour and Online Community Project
#5 - The Release of MiG's Debut Album
#4 - Rockstar Supernova Tour - Chicago
#3 - Canal Room, New York City

The #2 memory is.....

#2 - BiG MiG Chicago Weekend
This was certainly a "BiG MiG" weekend, with nine MiG GiGs in three days. We darted from a Lunch in the Loop gig, to a personal appearance at fye, to gigs at 3rd Coast Cafe & Wine Bar, Rockit Bar, Carmines and Market Days. We especially enjoyed hanging out and enjoying musical ecstasy at 3rd Coast, which has hosted several MiG shows. They never fail to come through with great food, terrific customer service and an appealing ambiance.

Having a ball onstage at Market Days - photo by Cammy D.

MiG's radio interview on WCKG 105.9 FM added extra excitement to the weekend, because he sang one of his most gorgeous originals, One Sunset at a Time, live. It was the first chance people had to hear the song on the radio. Based on the quality of the voice, jazzy melody and deep lyrics, it should be just the beginning. The words paint such a beautiful, lasting picture in one's mind, and the message inspires perseverance and a quiet strength.

There was nothing quiet about Team MiG and friends this weekend, however. A large group from Team MiG traveled from various points across the country to partake in the fun. We street teamed at every turn, telling others about upcoming MiG events and passing out drop cards from Universal/Decca with a download of MiG's She Loved.

Singing with expression at 3rd Coast Cafe - photo by Cammy D.

Everyone basked in the glow of spending time with MiG and each other, and of hearing MiG sing his heart out in Chicago. Due to the number of gigs and some boisterous accompaniment he had to sing over on one occasion, the last night MiG wasn't quite as confident in his high notes. But never fear...Team MiG and friends came to the rescue. We love his music and know many of the words, so sang the high notes for MiG. We laughed together and had a blast, knowing it was the perfect way to end an unforgettable weekend.

And the #1 Magical MiG Memory is....drumroll please.....

#1 - New York Gigs - August 2009
I could have chosen any of MiG's performances as #1, because there's something unique and special about each one. Regardless of whether it's a massive crowd bursting into the aisles, or an intimate, mesmerized group, MiG leaves it all on stage. He takes no prisoners, and everyone in the room is without a doubt a prisoner of his undeniable musical skill and engaging personality.

New York vaulted to the top as the best of the best. The week brought everything we could have yearned for from a musical standpoint - intimate gigs, a MiG jamfest with other gifted musicians, and a riveting MiG performance at the Pinoy Dance Showdown. We didn't want any of the shows to end.

Making music with the boys at Eight Mile Creek

Lost in the music

Once again, people came from throughout the U.S. to support MiG. This time we were also fortunate to enjoy the company of others from different backgrounds. Aussie charm was in full force at Eight Mile Creek, and Pinoys extended kindness and exuded talent at the Pinoy Dance Showdown. We also made a new friend from Singapore who was visiting the country and came to see MiG perform.

The trip was a bit less hectic than some previous MiG weekends. It offered the chance to soak it all in and appreciate each show. Sometimes you hear the most in the quiet moments. One thing that was impossible to miss was MiG's thoughtfulness. A scheduled gig was canceled, so those who traveled a long way to see MiG could have experienced disappointment and the cost of changing flights. MiG set up a new gig to replace the canceled show. Not many artists would take that into consideration and make such an effort. MiG asked for song requests and spent quiet time with us. He opened his heart, and that's why he has ours'.

The New York gigs opened my eyes even more to who MiG is. I knew he already possessed an embarrassment of riches, from singing to playing keyboard, to dancing and acting. I marveled at the entertaining way MiG communicated his comments as a celebrity judge at the dance competition, and was captivated by his musical prowess as he jammed with fellow musicians. I saw some completely new sides of MiG that left me speechless and extremely impressed.

Another reason the New York trip ended in such a lofty position is because it was the culmination of all that's come before. MiG is closer to his dream than ever. Living "One Sunset at a Time" has been the right approach. MiG's perseverance and quiet strength have brought him to the brink of major success, and I believe with all my heart that the time is nearing for him to achieve it.

Keep the light shining and pass it on,

Team MiG Global

Monday, October 5, 2009

Magical MiG Memories Countdown - # 4 and #3

We're getting close - read on to see #4 and #3 in the countdown of the Top 10 Magical MiG Memories, in honor of Team MiG's four years of supporting MiG Ayesa. The top memories shared so far are:

#10 - Rockstar: INXS
#9 - Cleveland Gigs
#8 - Team MiG Photo Shoot in LA
#7 - QUEEN Rock & Symphonic Spectacular
#6 - We Will Rock You Tour and Online Community Project
#5 - The Release of MiG's Debut Album

Let's bring on the next two!

#4 - Rockstar Supernova Tour - Chicago
The Rockstar Supernova Tour made a stop in Chicago, and Team MiG showed up in full force. MiG was in Chicago for about a week, so we "street teamed" with a vengeance. Nancy from Team MiG set up a few extra gigs so Chicago could see MiG in action. MiG was joined on the tour by his dear friend from Australia, Darryl Beaton, who is an awesome musician and great guy.

The day of the Rockstar show, a few of us ventured over to the Park West to explore the venue. The Supernova tour bus was parked at the curb, so we asked if we could check it out. We got the green light, so boarded the bus and looked around. When we came out, we were shocked to see MiG, but probably not as shocked as MiG was to see us emerge from the Supernova bus!

The show was simply fabulous, and MiG enthralled us from beginning to end. To get a little tour of your own of the Rockstar Supernova Bus, and to hear MiG sing Wrapped Around Your Finger (on his debut album) that night, watch this entertaining and humorous video that MiG made. Later MiG and Darryl rocked the house at Howl at the Moon - they were on fire! Those dueling pianos will never be the same.

MiG ready to rock

Darryl and MiG after melting the keys at Howl at the Moon

Our street teaming kicked into high gear the next day. Speaking of the moon, I asked for it...and got it. Toni, Mary Beth and I got MiG a gig at the AVP Beach Volleyball Tournament for two days. As MiG and the boys searched for a power source, we were hangin' at the beach....FREEZING! I was so cold my teeth were chattering, and I ended up being sick for two weeks. I must say it was quite worth it, however! The second day brought in an audience of 7,000 people, and a radio station interviewed MiG, so it was rewarding to know the street teaming paid off.

Chillin' at the AVP Beach Volleyball Tourney

#3 - Canal Room, New York City

We were thrilled when MiG announced his first U.S. concert would be at The Canal Room in New York. The thought of a concert with all MiG - all the time proved too much to resist. A big group from Team MiG converged on the city, with some traveling across the country. It was a pleasure to meet face-to-face with friends from Team MiG and MiGNation. We made the most of our time in the Big Apple by going on shopping sprees for purses, having lunch in Little Italy, and ogling the mouth-watering pastries in shop windows.

The night of the Canal Room gig, we piled in Cheryl's car, and much to our surprise, managed to squeeze in about nine of us. As we passed a police officer, he smiled, probably knowing we were harmless and our only crime was laughing too hard.

We arrived at the Canal Room, and were excited to meet MiG's family. They were all so welcoming and such lovely people. As the concert approached, The Canal Room was electric. MiG lit up the place with his stage presence, talent and personality. We became the Team MiG paparazzi - snapping photos non-stop. (MiG has become accustomed to that!) MiG put on an outstanding show we couldn't forget. We considered ourselves lucky to be in attendance for the debut of MiG's original She Loved. He asked if we liked it...uh...YES! After I heard the line "she loved walking in the rain," it was over. Little did we know that the song would make MiG's first album and that his video would end up on MTV-Asia's playlist. Check out videos of two other standout songs from the show, Life on Mars (also on MiG's album) and Lola (videos by Donna).

MiG stayed for one of the longest Meet & Greets on record, with a line stretching across the room. He was incredibly thoughtful to devote his time to talking to each person, signing autographs and posing for even more photos. Cammy's husband, Doug, went above the call of duty by taking countless group shots with MiG, and having multiple cameras dangling from his arms! The trip ended much too quickly, but we still smile about the special night we shared.

Tomorrow #2 and #1 will be revealed!

Keep the light shining and pass it on,

Team MiG Global